Reddit has a famous subreddit known as AITA where people ask the audience if he or she is an A-hole. And the viewers are the judge; in the end, they let us know who was the real a-hole in that particular scenario. So today we have a story where a man won’t get rid of his daughter’s pet even though his new partner’s son is allergic and the person took it to the subreddit AITA to know if he’s the A-hole.

So keep on scrolling down below to know what really happened here and make sure you guys and gals read it till the end otherwise, you are not going to get the whole story here.


1. Here goes the introduction to the post, let us see what’s next.

2. Seriously that little girl has been through a lot

3. Losing the cat is not an option, wise decision by OP.

4. And the OP’s partner wants to get rid of the cat

5. According to me be OP is not an A-hole at all

6. What else can you ask for? OP is doing literally everything he can.

7. Let’s be wise guys, let us know what do you think below.

8. Absolutely, he had given a fair option to keep everyone healthy. OP you should consider looking after your daughter.

9. But people need to understand that abandoning or leaving the pets is not an option, they have invested time towards it and now they are their beloved. How can you expect someone to leave their beloved?

9. It is clear and obvious that OP’s partner is prioritizing her son only but what about OP’s daughter, who has been through a lot lately?

According to us, and the situation above it is quite clear and simple that OP is not an A-hole at all. OP’s daughter has been through a lot lately, she lost her mother, and then her friend died due to leukemia. Now she can not bear the burden of her cat being separated from her, right guys? Unfortunately, one can see through the situation that OP’s partner is being selfish and prioritizing her son which is totally unfair to the OP’s daughter.

And what else do you think OP can do? He is literally doing everything he can. OP gave them a fair option that her partner and her son can live in the building he is about to build so they can spend time together. And for the time being while the apartment is being built OP is prepared to get them an apartment for them to stay in at his expense. Tell me guys what else can he do? Hence proved that OP isn’t the A-hole we are looking for.

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