Hello, friends. You may not agree with us, but we could use a break. We put forth some serious effort to bring home the bacon and cat food. We put a lot of effort into our 9 to 5 grind because if we don’t, who will take care of our cats? Yes, that’s right—nobody. So rather than having people focus on work during their lunch break, we’ve made the decision to put together a fun meme collection with a cat theme.

Because there are times when it’s more important to put our own pleasure first than the success of the blah blah corporation we toil away at. And that includes everyone because everyone has earned the right to unwind by taking a seat with their feet up.

Aside from a lengthy nap, of course, we find that nothing helps us unwind and recharge like some good ol’ fashioned cat memes. We must, however, make the best use of our limited resources because we don’t always have time for naps. And what we do have is a tonne of amusing cat memes that are loaded, locked, and ready for viewing. You deserve it, so go ahead and take a longer lunch break today. Enjoy!

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