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10 Dog Care Tips For Beginners

1. Don’t feed your dog too much, it will greatly affect his health and happiness.

More than 50% of dogs in the US are obese and this number is increasing. Overweight dogs are at risk of metabolic abnormalities, cardiovascular disease, joint disease, weakened immune systems, and many other health problems. They are also less portable and cannot run, play, or do other activities at will. Help your pets, feed them as much as the vet recommends and don’t look those puppies in the eye when they ask for more!

2. Touch your dog’s nose

Your dog’s nose will feel wet. Humidity levels will vary from dog to dog and by time of year, but a healthy dog will have a cool, slightly damp nose because dogs sweat through their noses to cool down.

3. Visit your vet every year

Let the professionals check your dog regularly for any health problems and provide you with the best personalized information to keep your precious dog healthy for several years.

4. Make a “Pet First Aid” Kit

Accidents and emergencies can happen, and having everything you need to help your dog is an important step in being a responsible pet owner. This is especially important if you’re walking your dog hiking or camping, as long as you don’t have help. A DIY pet first aid kit is something every dog owner should have.

5. Get pet insurance

Urgent and unexpected accidents and illnesses typically cost between $800 and $1,500. With approximately one third of pets requiring urgent care each year, this can quickly become a financial burden. Pet insurance can help cover these unexpected expenses, prescription drugs, long-term health conditions, and more, making it an important investment for your furry family members.

6. Be patient with them

It can be challenging when your dog misbehaves or isn’t receptive to a new training technique, but with a little grace and patience, he’s more likely to keep trying. If you are getting frustrated, take a break from training and consider consulting your local vet or training specialist. Dogs are very good at reading our body language and will not respond well to training if you are stressed or angry.

7. Hang out with them while they eat

Dogs are pack animals by nature and you are their pack. Stay close to them while they eat and make this a community act in progress. Picky eaters may also show more interest in their food when they see that you care.

8. Turn training into a game

Convert treats, rewards and praise. If they view training as a game, rather than something they get scolded for in the meantime, they’ll have more fun and you’ll see better results. You may also find that your dog responds better to different types of rewards through this process. When training, always reward positive behavior with treats, clickers, pets, and/or verbal praise and simply ignore bad behavior. They will know that if they want a reward they have to do what you ask.

9. Constant training is key

Decide what the “rules” are for your dog and stick to them! Is your dog allowed on the furniture, throughout the house, or around the family during dinner? Follow the same commands and training rules while training your dog to avoid confusion. Make sure everyone in your household is on the same page and agrees to consistently follow the rules to avoid confusing your pup or continuing bad behavior.

10. Beware of ice and salt in winter

Both ice and winter salt on pavement can cause your dog’s paws to crack or burn. Wipe your dog’s paws after any outdoor adventurous activity and watch to make sure he doesn’t try to eat any salt that falls on the ground or lick the salt off his paws. If this causes your dog constant discomfort, consider investing in a pair of dog boots to protect the sensitive skin on his feet. They also make pet-friendly salt for driveways and walkways that you can use around your home. Pet-safe salt is non-toxic to your pet’s paws and will not harm them if accidentally ingested.

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