Oh, another Wednesday has been here. Do you know what we’re thinking about more than anything as we head to work today? because we wish to be with our cats at home right now. Currently, the only thing getting us through the day is the notion of returning home after work and cuddling with our kitties. We enjoy cats. Aww, cats are so cute. The purrfect cat. Cats are amusing. The only thing that can, without a doubt, make us feel better in the middle of the week when we’re fatigued is cats. So it’s fortunate that our cat medley is approaching!

We bring you guys a selection of the best cat postings we could discover online all week since the week is in full swing and we’re starting to feel the need for a bit extra pawsitivity in our life. You should be able to get back to your pets today with the help of these. Friends, have a fantastic day!


#1 “Enjoying the winter sun”

#2 “This cat was handed into my shelter for eating the family hamster. Reckon she did it?”

#3 “Help appreciated…”

#4 “small apartment + two kittens = two kitties politely pooping in one litter box”

#5 “Found this little lady hiding…”

#6 “Don’t climb the headboard? Look up at me hooman, I am your god…”

#7 “found a pregnant stray, she’s going to give birth soon and it’s in the negatives outside so we set up the bathroom for her. she’s so sweet and very happy about it”

#8 Pretty

#9 “cat rescued after massive earthquake in Turkey, Today”

#10 “Today I broke the news to Loki that he was adopted and used to be named Egghead. He’s still in shock”

#11 “When he started living with me, he was almost 3 years old. Today I got a pic of him as a kitten!”

#12 “My old man (he is 15) is enjoying the snow”

#13 Meet Boba

#14 “Stephen King and his cat in the 1980s.”

#15 “My kitty was caught trying to steal treats from the pantry”

#16 “My partner walked out on us two nights ago. He left me with a stray kitten we rescued a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

#17 “I’ve lived in this house for five years before we realized that the neighbor had a shelf on the fence for his cat to sit on and watch us.”

#18 “first night at home, she was like “do you mind me sleeping here? other rooms are scary”

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