A dog who was trapped under heavy rocks at the beach is alive, thanks to the intervention of a jogger who spotted the poor pup just in time.

According to an Instagram post from San Francisco Animal Care and Control, a 1-year-old Springer Spaniel named Gwen became buried under large, heavy rocks at Ocean Beach.


Though it was low tide, the water was slowly coming in, putting the dog’s life in danger if she wasn’t found in time. Thankfully, help soon arrived.

A jogger happened to be passing by on the beach, and “thought he heard a muffled bark,” according to the post. Despite the sound, there was no animal in sight.

Thankfully, he decided to look around — and “miraculously spotted a dog’s face looking up from under the rocks.”


A photo shows Gwen’s little face buried beneath the rocks, showing how hidden she was. It’s a miracle that the jogger was able to spot her. SF Animal Control called it “beyond lucky.”

The jogger contacted animal control, and Officer Ortega arrived on the scene. After locating the dog (“no small feat in itself,” the organization wrote) he moved the rocks and freed Gwen.

Animal Control said that the dog was “scared and cold, but otherwise OK.”

Gwen had been reported missing by her owner, and they were soon reunited.

It isn’t clear how Gwen ended up in that tight spot in the first place: “Possibly, she dislodged a large rock, fell in, and the rock rolled on top,” SF Animal Control guessed. “However it happened, we’re so glad she’s now safe and sound at home!”


What a miracle that Gwen was spotted and rescued in time. So glad she’s safe and back with her family! Thank you to everyone who saved her!

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