Dogs are excellent pets. And you would discover that this is for various reasons if one performed some brief investigation on them. They are among the most cuddly partners you could ever want, yet they also offer a lot of positive health effects like lowering stress and raising heart rates. And how can one forget about their loyalty? Once you have earned their trust they are all yours.

Unfortunately, not everybody loves dogs. Do they have a lot to lose? Truthfully, not yet. But you cannot blame them. People dislike dogs for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the responsibility that comes with having a dog because they demand care and money. Some people simply love cats and don’t have room for another adorable creature in their lives, while others simply can’t stand dogs since they have allergies to them.

According to us, there can never be too many cute people! On the AITA subreddit, we came across a story about a woman who gave away her dog because her violent partner disliked keeping it around. Well, that’s not all keep on scrolling down below to dive deeper into this case. Make sure you guys read it till the end.

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1. So here’s the title ladies and gentlemen

2. OP’s sister had got such a toxic boyfriend, and she should have given it thought that after giving a dog to someone for four years, one can develop feelings toward, and it is not so descent of one to want it back.

3. You know the drill guys let us know who’s the A-hole here


5. She should consider getting a new dog to be honest

6. The period of four years is way too much to give the dog back

7. And now the dog has also adapted his habitat, it’s a living creature, not a toy to be tossed around.


9. Unfortunately OP’s sister is not a responsible owner

10. A point to be noted

11. Choices have consequences so chose wisely

12. NTA

13. OP is the rightful owner of Ribbon now

14. She should have thought about it earlier then maybe she didn’t have to yell at OP

15. Ribbon is realistically OP’s dog, and it’s in his best interest that he stays with OP.

OP’s sister made her choice clearly when she had a choice to consider all the cautions before. Now, she can’t claim OP to give her dog back after four years. Animals are living creatures, not a toy to be tossed around.  Moreover, Ribbons has also adapted to his new home. It would be quite upsetting for him to relocate. According to us, OP is not an A-hole here plus OP has been paying for the dog expenses too, and the most important thing amongst all is that she has invested her time towards Ribbon.

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