Cats can be aggressive, it depends on the overall personality of the cat. Sometimes they are just too fierce and don’t want to budge when it comes to being trained or learning how to be well-behaved. They prefer that lifestyle because cats are known for being highly independent. The day a cat wishes to change its personality from an aggressive being to a polite feline, it won’t ask anyone’s permission or wait for anyone’s request for it to happen. But if the cat has decided not to learn how to behave better than it does, you can’t really do much about it. Unless you are this Reddit user who came up with a solid plan to deal with his wife’s aggressive cat.

6 years ago when OP’s wife was his girlfriend, he decided he had had enough with her cat who was not well-behaved at all as it would hiss at everyone, bite people at times, and won’t take its dump in the litterbox either. One time when OP was tasked to feed his girlfriend’s cat who had gone away, he came up with a solid idea to replace the cat.

He went to a nearby animal shelter and found a replacement cat that looked exactly like his girlfriend’s cat and was way friendlier as well. He adopted the cat, brought it home, and gave away the original cat to some other animal shelter.

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