Dogs are one of the most beloved animals in the world, and it’s no secret why. They are both funny and cute, making them great companions and bringing joy to people’s lives. Whether they’re playing with a toy, chasing their tail, or simply snuggling up next to their owners, dogs have a way of making everyone smile. Their silly antics, adorable appearance, and boundless energy are sure to bring a sense of fun and excitement to any situation. If you’re feeling down, just spend some time with a dog and you’re sure to feel better. Overall, dogs truly are a joy to be around and it’s no wonder they are considered to be man’s best friend.

It is very true we don’t anyone to tell us dogs are the best or how good is one’s dog as compared to all the other dogs. There is no way to quantify that as we all love all dogs equally. The beautiful thing about this phenomenon is that normally we tend to prefer our child over everyone else’s children but in the case of dogs even though we love our dog unconditionally, we tend to love all dogs the same way and there is no factor of jealousy involved. You will see a person who has two dogs still seeing cute or funny dog compilations on the internet.

Although I have said it cannot be quantified how perfect a dog is, there still is a Twitter account that likes to do it for the sole purpose of hilarity and spreading dog cuteness all over the world. For being their true selves, which means the best creatures in the world, there is a Twitter account that rates dogs. The thing about these ratings is that no dog is ever rated below 10/10, instead, they get rated more than ten…but out of ten. The Twitter account “We Rate Dogs” has been rating dogs since November 2015 and has gained a massive fan following of over 9.3 million people. You just know people absolutely love it when they rate dogs and people love submitting their dogs to get rated as well.

Today we are going to enjoy 21 new dogs who got rated by We Rate Dogs. Scroll down below to enjoy!

18 New Dogs As Rated By We Rate Dogs That Are Too Pure For Us

  1. This is Jax. He’s a professional thick stick gatherer. 13/10 would definitely enlist his services.
  2. This is Charlie. He’s a calendar model. 12/10 would totally forget what day it is while staring at his face all month.
  3. This is Archie. He’s a professional good boy. 13/10 would trust with my life.
  4. This is Luna. She’s a beachcomber. 12/10 would go on a seashell hunt with her any day.
  5. This is Benny. He’s a fan of the car rides. 13/10 would buckle him in and listen to smooth jazz on road trips.
  6. This is Daisy. She’s a professional snuggler. 12/10 would cuddle with her all day.
  7. This is Winston. He’s a professional sniffer. 13/10 would let him sniff out all the good smells.
  8. This is Cooper. He’s an aspiring fashion model. 12/10 would hire him to walk the runway.
  9. This is Max. He’s a professional nap taker. 13/10 would join him for a midday snooze.
  10. This is Lola. She’s a professional ear flapper. 12/10 would love to see her in action.
  11. This is Rufus. He’s a professional tongue licker. 13/10 would let him lick my face all day.
  12. This is Sadie. She’s a professional ball catcher. 12/10 would play catch with her for hours.
  13. This is Teddy. He’s a professional cuddler. 13/10 would snuggle with him all night.
  14. This is Luna. She’s a professional sunbather. 12/10 would soak up some rays with her.
  15. This is Gizmo. He’s a professional napper. 13/10 would let him snooze on my lap.
  16. This is Pippin. He’s a professional fetcher. 12/10 would throw the ball for him all day.
  17. This is Finn. He’s a professional tail wagger. 13/10 would love to see that tail wag in person.
  18. This is Lenny. He’s a professional sock thief. 12/10 would let him steal all my socks.

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