Humans get to celebrate their birthdays every year, so why not dogs? A dog’s birthday can be a fun, heartwarming occasion to celebrate the pup’s life, especially when they reach their senior years.

Recently, one shelter decided to throw a special birthday bash for one of their most special senior dogs.

Loco was surrendered to the Spartanburg Humane Society in 2020, due to medical issues. The 13-year-old dog was suffering from conditions like heartworm, arthritis and thyroid issues.

It was decided that Loco would not be a good candidate for adoption, so they made a home for her in the shelter. Loco has become the shelter’s mascot, and even has her own space away from the kennels, living as an “office dog.”

“We moved her to an office that is more comfortable,” Angel Cox, COO of Spartanburg Humane Society, told The Dodo. “She has 3 to 4 dog beds, and sleeps in all of them.”

A few months ago, Loco celebrated a big milestone: she turned 15, an old age for a dog, despite her health issues. So, the Spartanburg Humane Society decided to do something special for their special dog’s big day: they threw Loco her very own birthday party!

The party featured a pink specially-made sweet potato cake created by pet treat company Excite Bites, which Loco reportedly loved.

The shelter was decorated for the occasion, and Loco was dressed up for the occasion with her own party hat and frilly collar.

And like any great party, this bash had a very exclusive guest list. Loco does not get along well with other dogs and is picky about her humans, so the party was only attended by Loco’s closest pals.

“She is picky about her people,” Cox told The Dodo. “When she loves you, she really loves you. But the people she does not like, she hates them. And she does not like other dogs at all.”

Despite the many medical issues she arrived with, Loco is still in relatively good health for her age. The shelter wrote that she is now heartworm negative, is on thyroid medication and goes for multiple walks every day.

Happy birthday, Loco! We’re so glad this sweet senior shelter dog got her very own special birthday party! ❤️🎂

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