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A dog shelter in Costa Rica had a surprise when they took in a puppy with five legs and two tails, The Mirror reports. Casas Cunas shelter took the pup they’ve named Mia in after her dog parents were unable to look after her or pay for her treatment. 

And as she’s adjusted to life at the shelter, staff have shared regular updates on her progress. They shared footage of her drinking water with the caption “Watch Mia drinking water. We are busy deworming her tomorrow. She has lots of bugs”.

Mia Will Need Surgery

Mia’s extra foot and tail are located next to her stomach, by her spine. She suffers from diarrhea and constipation due to her genetic disorder, too. Not only does she have extra limbs, but she also has two vaginas and two anuses, and will relieve herself through both of the latter. 

However, this isn’t comfortable for Mia, and so the shelter is raising money for her surgery. First, she’ll need X-rays and an ultrasound. This way, vets can get a better idea of her exact condition, and how best to proceed with treatment. 

“Your help is essential, it will be expensive but the puppy is a priority,” said the shelter.

Reportedly, none of Mia’s siblings are affected by the same disorder, and local families have adopted them all. 

Extra Limbs Are Rare

While it’s rare for dogs to be born with extra limbs, sometimes it does happen. A couple of years ago, vets were baffled after a dog was born in Oklahoma with six legs and two tails. 

Describing her as a “miracle”, vets were unable to find any previous case studies of dogs with the same congenital condition being born alive. It’s thought that the pup, named Skipper, was supposed to have a twin. However, they failed to split apart. 

Positively, her organs appear to be in great shape, she is peeing and pooping, and is very strong! She nurses well and is growing appropriately so far,” said Neel Veterinary Hospital at the time.

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