Welcome to the very best, perfect day of the week, friends! It’s Caturday, which means it’s time to party like a cat! It basically means you can nap and snack all day long and do whatever you want whenever you want to. Of course, as people who are as obsessed with cat content as we are, we know that all you want to do today is look through a whole bunch of adorable cat pictures and wholesome cat stories, but alas, you must go in order, and the first thing we need to do is to laugh at the best cat memes of the week on a Caturday.

On every Caturday morning, we bring you a collection of cat memes that everyone couldn’t stop talking about – the top ones from the previous week. Have a wonderful Caturday, everyone keep on scrolling down to see 23 perfectly fresh and funny cat memes we hope you enjoy them and we will see you all at the end of the article.

Memes to Start Your Week Off Right

  1. “When you wake up and realize it’s Monday again”
  2. “When you finally catch the red dot”
  3. “When you’re trying to nap but your owner keeps taking pictures of you”
  4. “When you’re the only one in the office on Monday morning”
  5. “When you realize it’s only Tuesday”
  6. “When you’re trying to be productive but your cat keeps distracting you”
  7. “When you’re trying to get your cat to come inside”
  8. “When your cat is judging you for being lazy”
  9. “When you’re trying to work from home but your cat wants attention”
  10. “When your cat is the ultimate photobomber”
  11. “When you’re trying to take a cute selfie with your cat but they have other plans”
  12. “When you realize it’s Friday and the weekend is almost here”
  13. “When you’re trying to be a responsible adult but your cat has other ideas”
  14. “When you’re trying to have a serious conversation but your cat won’t stop meowing”
  15. “When your cat is the real boss of the household”
  16. “When you come home after a long day and your cat is waiting for you”
  17. “When your cat knows how to strike a pose for the camera”
  18. “When you’re trying to read a book but your cat wants attention”
  19. “When you’re trying to take a nap but your cat won’t let you”
  20. “When you’re trying to work out but your cat thinks it’s playtime”
  21. “When you’re trying to have a relaxing bath but your cat wants to join in”
  22. “When your cat is always watching your every move”
  23. “When you’re trying to get your cat to do something and they just give you that look”


Cat memes are a great way to brighten up your day and start your week off on the right paw. Whether you’re a cat lover or just in need of a good laugh, these 23 crispy cat memes are sure to do the trick. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these hilarious feline friends.

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