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A rescue dog has been praised for saving the life of her owner after he fell into a ditch.

Peter Bradley adopted five-year-old Ruby just five weeks ago from Dogs Trust Salisbury, but fell into a ditch while taking her for a walk last month.

In such a situation, some dogs might decide to run off. However, Ruby stayed in place until her barking drew the attention of a walker nearby.

Barking to Attract Attention

After returning to the area where he fell, Peter said that it made him emotional.

“She was barking, running around, she wouldn’t leave,” he said, describing the ordeal. “She doesn’t bark very often, she was barking. When I come here it gets me. They came up there and I was down in there. They stuck a branch down and lifted me out.”

Peter has a heart condition and low blood pressure, so it was understandably a frightening experience for him. He’s not sure how long he was in the ditch for, but remembers coming round and being stuck lying down in about a foot of cold water.

“I was filling up with water in my boots, all sorts, just couldn’t get out,” he explained.

“I’m just glad he’s all right and Ruby did her job,” Peter’s partner Debbie told ITV Meridian. “She could easily run away and be gone. I’m just so relieved.”

After Ruby saved the life of her owner, paramedics checked Peter over, and neighbors helped him get home and looked after him.

Lifesaver or New Best Friend

“It’s lovely to hear about what all our dogs get up to when they get a home but I think this story really stands out,” said Sarah Abbott, public relations officer at Dogs Trust. “It’s incredible to know what a dog could do when you rescue them, they might go on to rescue you.

“Across the UK there are about 800 dogs currently looking for new homes.

“We can’t promise that they will all be potential lifesavers but they will be your best friend.”

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