Many people get guard dogs for various reasons, including personal protection, property protection, or simply as an alert system for unexpected visitors. It is said that guard dogs should always remain vigilant because unexpected intruders may arrive at any time. However, things aren’t always perfect when pets act as guard dogs at the same time. Guard dogs are devoted, brave, and know exactly what to do when they see an intruder. It is common for guard dogs to begin their training when they are just puppies, and once they grow up they will do everything they can to protect you.

Our story today is about a small puppy who alerted his human about visitors by himself while the older dogs didn’t seem to notice. From miles away, he spotted the danger and barked as loudly as he could to alert his human. Even though he’s a small dog, this little guy proved that he is a dedicated and alert guard dog. Having a bright future ahead of him, he will become an amazing guard dog that will keep his human safe and protected. Keep on scrolling down to read the full story and we will see you at the end of the article.


1. Keep on scrolling down to read the full post

2. OP has a lot of dogs lol

3. Puppy saved the day

4. This Redditor doesn’t want her dog to protect her and she thinks that big dogs are for being pillows lol

5. If someone was breaking into your house would you guys want your dogs to attack them?

6. pups deserve a nice treat for real

7. Must be a very loud dog

8. Some dogs do look intimidating for real

9. Dogs are man’s best friend and their best protectors

10. This Redditor experienced something similar

11. Imagine you are breaking into someone’s house and you hear a dog bark lmao

12. Imagine getting scared by your own dog’s bark lmao

13. This is what BMD stands for

14. Smart Redditor for real

15. Well that is kinda true OP should file a police report

16. Their gigantic sound is enough to scare away the intruders

17. Good dogs for real

18. That’s all they need to hear deep and loud

19. “That’s a good dog!”.

20. Is he a dog lord?

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