If you are about to adopt a Border collie or are already a parent to a newborn puppy and are worried about the diet and health of your dog, then you are at the right place.

It is natural to worry about the diet of your puppies as they are minimal and fragile, but we have got you covered. All questions about their diet and food requirement are explained briefly in this article.

Border collie dogs never run out of energy; a specific high-nutritional food is required to fuel this endless energy. Here is all you should know!



How much food should Border collie puppy eat?

Borders are very energetic and active dogs, so they need foods that are high in nutrients and can give them a lot of energy. During their initial time of growth, they need extra care and focus on their diets.

Puppies need food to grow and should be well-fed during the day. Initially, puppies have small stomachs and cannot consume much food at once. So they should be fed numerous times with tiny servings of food.

Small servings provide them with the energy they need without making them overstuffed. You can start by giving 4-6 meals per day and gradually decreasing the number of meals. After 4 months of age, puppies can handle a comparatively larger serving of the meal.

How often should Border collie puppy eat?

As said earlier, giving small four to six meals to a puppy is enough. Small meals help in better absorption as well. Gradually with increasing weight, the frequency of meals decreases. As the puppy reaches four months, you can give a little larger meal and decrease the frequency accordingly.

After six months, you can give food according to the adult Border collie schedule, which consists of three equal meals per day. The exact amount of food needed mainly depends on your dog’s size, weight, and activity level.

Make sure to continue puppy food along with adult food till the age of one year. It is because the first year is a period of growth, and puppy food contains nutrients that help with development.

Feeding chart of Border collie puppy:

Every dog has individual needs according to size, weight, height, and activity. Another simple way to find out the volume of food your dog requires is to look at the back of your food packaging. Although it is generalized, it can help.

A basic feeding guideline depending on age, is given below.

Up to 1 month of age

It is time to start weaning the puppy off its mother and introducing dog food, but still, milk can supplement dog food.

Up to 4 months of age

You can feed your collie up to 1 cup of dog food spread over 4 meals daily.

Up to 4-6 months of age

You can feed your collie up to 1.5 cups of dog food over 3 meals daily.

Six months and beyond

You can feed your collie up to 2 cups of dog food over 2 meals daily.

What are the nutrients required by a Border collie puppy?

What are the nutrients required by a Border collie puppy?

Border collies are highly active, energetic, and intelligent dogs. They need proper nutrients to function and grow normally.


Like all dog breeds, collies need protein for muscle development and regular immune system function.


Carbs are a primary energy source and provide calories to function.
Fats are required for normal brain function, healthy skin, and hormone formation.

Vitamins and minerals:

They are significant for normal body functioning.

Can you feed your Border collie puppy raw food?

Feeding a puppy raw food has its advantages and disadvantages as well.

The advantages are that it is suitable for your dog’s gut health. If the gut is healthy, that means fewer health problems, a robust immune system, and a healthy dog.

The disadvantage can be that raw food contains microbes that can cause health problems. Getting sick repeatedly weakens the immune system, and you may lose weight over time. Chewing bones can sometimes also be a choking hazard.

Should you feed your collie wet or dry food?

Like any other thing, wet and dry food has merits and demerits. Sometimes people mix both, which makes dog food more delicious. The main difference between both is the water content.

Dry food has low water content ranging from 3-12%. The advantage of dry food is that it is cost-effective, has fewer calories, and is better for teeth. But it is not that tasty and hence not appetizing comparatively.

Wet food has comparatively high water content ranging from 60-84%. The advantage of wet food over dry is that it is tastier. It is also suitable for dogs who drink less water. But wet food is more expensive than dry food and can rot the teeth of dogs if not brushed.

Can Border collie puppies eat human foods?

Yes, you can give your puppy human food along with dog food. Some human foods are highly nutritious and can help grow and develop. Some examples of such foods are:

  • Chicken and eggs: Both are sources of protein.
  • Green beans: They are a source of vitamins and minerals.

But there are also some foods that a puppy should not consume. These are harmful to health; some can even be toxic. Make sure to keep your dog away from these foods. Some examples of such foods are:

  • Garlic
  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Alcohol


Border collie belongs to a highly energetic breed of dogs. They require a variety of nutrients to maintain their health. They have specific requirements for dog food depending on their age and size. They can eat some human foods too.



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