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In recent years, public opinion on Bully breeds has been the subject of much debate.

Pit Bulls and similar breeds are often regarded as aggressive. However, fans of the breed are often quick to point out that many attacks occur after being trained for personal protection or dog fighting. Two Texas dog owners reportedly trained their dogs for aggressive behavior – now, they’re facing criminal charges.

Who’s to Blame for Dog Attack – The Dogs or Their Training?

A tragic mauling on Feb. 24th left one man dead and several injured. Ramon Najera Jr., 81, was killed, and his wife and several others suffered injuries.  Christian Alexander Moreno and Abilene Schnieder of San Antonio, were both arrested in connection with the attack. The couple owned two American Staffordshire Terriers who escaped from the property during the incident.

According to police, they had received many previous tips in regard to the couple. An affidavit reads that the couple had “been breeding the dogs and training the dogs to be aggressive with meat”. Many neighbors felt afraid of the dogs prior to the incident. According to some, the dogs were frequently left without chains or tethers, roaming free. Witness video from the dog attack shows the dogs involved not wearing collars.

“It was reported by bystanders on scene that they (neighbors) had had issues with the dogs previously,” stated San Antonio Fire Department Chief Charles Hood. Currently, the owners maintain they had no intention to raise their dogs to ‘be mean’.

Practicing Safety – When Others Don’t

The best thing you can do to keep your dog and others safe is to always keep your dog contained or reliably leashed. If you suspect your dog could escape from your fenced yard, don’t leave them unattended. Many people simply look the other way for roaming neighborhood dogs.

Make sure your neighbors know how dangerous this is both for their dog and other people. Free-roaming dogs create danger for people and other pets, particularly reactive animals. And don’t be afraid to file a report with your local animal control department. While nobody wants to be the bad guy, if you feel afraid for yourself or your pets in your neighborhood, take action.

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