It’s every dog’s dream to find their forever home, but it takes some dogs longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs wait months or even years in the shelter, longing for a good home.

Recently, one sweet dog finally found a home of his own after five years in the shelter — just in time for his birthday.

Hershel spent most of his life in the care of the Lake Humane Society & Adoption Center in Lake County, Ohio. He had a rough start to life: originally a stray, he was brought to the shelter after being caught in a brutal winter storm.

“For the first year of his life Hershel had never known warmth, he had never known shelter. Hershel had never known the feeling of a full belly or kind human touch,” the shelter said in a press release, per WKYC.

Hershel arrived at the shelter in rough shape: he was frost-bitten and nearly starved, and required extensive medical attention, but thankfully pulled through: over time he regained his health and weight and became a lovable, happy dog.

“Hershel amazes us every single day with his contagiously happy and optimistic outlook on life,” the shelter wrote.

Despite his friendliness and upbeat nature, Hershel struggled to find a home of his own. He spent over 2,000 days — or over 5 years — in the shelter.

He’s been trained, and shelter wrote that he had a successful sleepover with one of the volunteers, proving that he was ready for a home. Everyone hoped that Hershel’s day would finally come soon.

And thankfully, it did: on Wednesday, Lake Humane Society announced that after so many years, Hershel has finally been adopted!

The sweet dog spent a week with the family as a foster, and they knew it was meant to be. “Hershel has settled in perfectly,” the shelter wrote. “He is already very loved, spoiled, and part of the family. He has a big backyard to enjoy and has quickly become best friends with his new doggie sister, Lucy.”

“We could not be more thankful for all those who helped share Hershel’s story! Without you all, Hershel’s humans might have never known that they were the ones he’s been waiting for!”

And the timing made things even sweeter: he was adopted just days before his 7th birthday on June 20. We’re sure it’s going to be his best birthday ever!

We’re so happy Hershel finally has a home! Please share this incredible news! ❤️🐾

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