33 dogs and puppies have arrived in Chicago from Texas after recent tornados affecting the state damaged local animal shelters, per ABC7 Chicago

One shelter, in the city of Pasadena, saw its roof completely torn off, per NBC Chicago. KHOU news anchor Shern-Min Chow shared a video on Twitter of the tornado hitting Pasadena Animal Shelter, and extensive damage is visible. Fortunately, the animals were unharmed. But, of course, they were unable to stay at the shelter with so much damage having been done. 

As a result, PAWS Chicago is receiving 33 dogs from five shelters with extensive building damage. And 27 of the pups are under a year old. 

Extensive Tornado Damage

Last week, rare January tornadoes struck the Houston, Texas area, badly damaging and forcing the closure of the Pasadena Animal Shelter in Pasadena, TX,” said a press release. “The roof of the shelter was completely ripped from the building, forcing the facility to relocate each animal. PAWS Chicago reached out to the Pasadena shelter and others in the area to rescue almost three dozen dogs and puppies.”

Now the dogs have arrived in Chicago, they’ll undergo physical and medical exams. Then, veterinarians will give them any treatment that might be necessary, too. Then, they’ll be spayed or neutered and should be made available for adoption or fostering.

Aladdin and Cheddar up for Adoption

There are eight sets of families or littermates, and then eight individual dogs. The average age of the dogs is just six and a half months, and they have some seriously cute names. 

From siblings Aladdin and Jasmine, eight months old, to seven-week-old Brie, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Colby, Feta, Provolone, and Cheddar, we won’t forget their monikers in a hurry.

For more information about adopting or fostering any of the new arrivals, you can head to the PAWS Chicago website. If you can’t do so, but would like to help, you could always donate instead.

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