Don’t be fooled by how cute and fluffy cats are. Cats are criminal masterminds, capable of devising nefarious schemes and hiding behind their lovely purring and precious paws. If you own a cat, you won’t be surprised by this. You might be shocked to learn about some of the most naughty “cat crimes” that have ever been committed, though, if your pets are not felines.

After Premee Mohamed’s recent tweet on how her home’s crime rate has grown significantly since she adopted a cat, many other cat lovers were moved to disclose the criminal histories of their own animals. Enjoy this hilarious list that might make you want to handcuff (paw-cuff?) your own little cat, and read on to learn more about the interviews we had the good fortune to conduct with Premee, cat expert Heather Svoboda Miller, communications and development manager at Cat Adoption Team, and certified cat behaviour expert Rita Reimers. Don’t forget to vote up the comments that you believe would give a convicted cat some major street cred!


#1 Here’s a wholesome picture of a kitty to make your day.

#2 Cats are like kids in the house.

#3 Clean up my mess, you stupid human!

#4 Kitty’s crime history has been found.

#5 Loaf destroyer

#6 That look

#7 OMG

#8 Naughty cat

#9 Mama I’m in love with a criminal

#10 Little rascal

#11 Meet the little demon

#12 You can’t fit in there


#14 Basically everything

#15 The thief

#16 Presenting the criminal

#17 Story of every night

#18 Destroyed

#19 Why Murphy?

#20 Criminal be sleeping like

#21 You know?

#22 Can you relate?

#23 Cats being cats

#24 Atleast they are entertianing

#25 RIP Christmas tree

#26 Inky the naughty cat

#27 Relatable?

#28 Cats eat everything

#29 Just occasionally..

#30 Same

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