Before you move in with a partner, it should be your first priority to define clear limits and duties. This is only one of the numerous conversations that need to be addressed before acting impulsively. Even if it is a dull and mature topic, getting things out of the way now will be helpful when things become more complicated. You would know what to anticipate from one another if duties and expectations are spelled out clearly.

Hot conflicts and minor misunderstandings could be avoided in this way. This is the kind of discussion the OP and her boyfriend ought to have had before deciding to live together. Since a year ago, OP has been residing with her boyfriend. Whenever the OP moved in, she took her dog with her, and her boyfriend has two Siberian Huskies of his own.

The two huskies were successful in destroying several of OP’s belongings throughout that year. When the OP and her boyfriend are away from the house, she buys Impact dog crates for the two of them to keep them from tearing through the walls and breaking the windows.

The two dogs have done well adjusting to the kennels, and they appear to like spending quality time inside when it’s mealtime or just downtime. Unfortunately, when OP left for the weekend, things went worse. Keep on scrolling down below to know the whole story here.


1. Here goes the title ladies and gentlemen

2. OP came to see her favorite area rug in the trash; it turned out the dogs pooped on them.

3. Apparently nothing seems to be working

4. OP asked him to replace the rug but he was having money problems

5. OP was on point as she was paying almost all the bills

6. This user said this man has no regard for OP, and what is she doing with him.

7. OP and his boyfriend moved in together because of the complication of visa due to covid

8. And here the Redditors were concerned about OP’s strange visa situation

9. The full story emerges when OP revealed that she made too many compromises out of desperation to leave an abusive relationship.

10. Stop settling for trash

11. It has been a hell of a ride for OP, she has been through so much.

12. While others think that OP’s boyfriend is an A-hole but OP is not willing to do anything about it

13. I think currently she is out of options

14. OP’s boyfriend claims that he is too broke to afford to replace a rug but the point is how does he buy his weed?

15. Those dogs listen to OP but when she went away for a week they reverted

16. Huskies become destructive when their needs are not being met, this user suggests they need to find them a more suitable home, or they need to educate themselves that why these dogs are failing.

17. OP thinks that huskies shouldn’t be pet at all

18. OP knows why these dogs are failing and here’s why

19. Those huskies need a lot of attention and they need to get out of home often, after all, they are wolf breeds.

20. NTA

21. Seems like the moving in together part didn’t work well for OP

22. There are a thousand reasons to end this relationship

23. And here’s another user who thinks that OP is not an A-hole

We are happy to declare that OP here is not an A-hole but she needs to consider this relationship as there are so many flaws in it. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below and don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more content. Thank You!

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