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A UK man has taken his morning dog walk to an extreme, having completed 72 consecutive marathons with his two dogs.

According to Runner’s World, once per day for over two months, Aaron Robinson ran 26.2 miles on the trails near his East London home. Every morning, Robinson would get up before 3 a.m. to prepare for his run. But, he was never alone. Inca and River, Robinson’s two Border Collies, were always right alongside him.

Together, the trio would complete their daily marathon in just under five hours. Although Robinson says the effort is hard work, he told The Daily Mail that for his dogs, it’s just “a five-hour walk”.

Completing Marathons With His Dogs for Charity

Initially, Robinson began the project as a way to raise awareness and funds for Hope for Justice, a nonprofit that combats human trafficking and modern slavery. Although that’s still the primary goal, Robinson—and his dogs—are now within sight of setting a new World Record.

Last month, when Robinson completed his 63rd marathon, the group unofficially broke the previous record for most consecutive marathons by a male. Vishak Krishnaswamy of Maharashtra, India holds that record. Fascinatingly, the 62-year-old ran his marathons from September to November 2022. After hearing about Robinson’s feat, a Guinness spokesperson said they’re looking forward to reviewing the evidence.

Critics Say the Physical Challenge Is Too Much for Dogs

Every day, Robinson needs to consume over 6,000 calories to offset the 3,500 calories he burns while running. Admittedly, Robinson said that it’s been difficult to ensure he’s getting enough rest. “You don’t really recover 100 percent before you start the next one,” he said.

However, Robinson dismissed his burden as small compared to the danger trafficking victims face. “It is tough, but what I think about a lot is I can stop this at any time,” he explained. “The victims of modern slavery and human trafficking—they can’t run away.”

As for River and Inca, the pair get plenty of kibble and a nice long nap afterward. On his Instagram page, people have expressed worry over whether so much running is actually healthy for the dogs. “For some dogs maybe, but for other dog breeds, especially working dogs, they’re made for it,” Robinson said. “All dogs aren’t the same, just as all humans aren’t the same. And I know my dogs better than anyone.”

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