There is no doubt that pets bring lots of love and happiness into a family, but they also come with a lot of expenses. They can sometimes be very high as well. Pets are expensive, so if you want to own one you need to be able to afford it. The question is, what do you do when someone gives you a pet as a gift?

The fact that living creatures should not be given as gifts is well known, since you are committing and spending money on them. In cases where the gift has already been agreed upon between two parties, this rule does not apply. Here, we’re talking about an unexpected, sometimes challenging gift that lives and breathes. Someone’s home may face serious problems because of such a gift.

Down below is a post from a Redditor who is furious at her husband for spending so much money on their dog. There is a lot of money being spent on this dog, and even their bank accounts have been maxed out to pay for a vet emergency which turned out not to be an emergency


Redditor Starves Because Her Husband Spends All Of Their Money On His Dog

Is this really how you should be living? keep on scrolling down to read the full story in OP’s own words and we will see you at the end of the article.

1. Is she an A-hole? Keep on scrolling down to find out.

2. A dog is a nice gift from a mother to a son

3. Bruh now this is what we call overreacting or being careless

4. What? She didn’t eat anything for two whole days?

5. Somebody didn’t train their dog the right way

6. True OP really should think about this one

7. Crying and starvation combined are the worst combos

8. Yes are they even feeding the dog? and if they are broke how are they smoking weed?

9. Not this is something we didn’t know

10. Well true husband didn’t buy weed it was his friend

11. Going overdraft to take care of your dog, cute.

12. What do you all think? Did the dog eat some of the weed?

13. Well that’s true emergency vets are expensive

14. Well you can’t blame the dog for that anyways

15. But some dogs are just like that

16. Well yeah dogs don’t get high by just being around the weed, the dog definitely ate some.

17. Again some dogs do that

18. That’s one way to fix the problem

19. Top 10 questions science still can’t answer lol

20. Is this a made-up story? because we find so many things unbelievable.

21. And here is what a smoker has to say about the situation

We frankly think that OP wasn’t being an A-Hole but neither is her husband they are just in a bad shape at the moment and they should not have a dog. This was it folks let us know what you think about it down below in the comment section and make sure to like and share this article with your friends and family and stay tuned for more content like this with Defused. Thank You!

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