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Not long ago, Chihuahua mix Spike became the world’s oldest living dog. But now there’s a new pup who’s taken the title – and he’s reached the ripe old age of 30! So, not only is he the oldest living dog, but he’s actually also taken the accolade of oldest dog ever. 

Portuguese farm dog Bobi, who lives in the region of Leira, belongs to the Rafeiro do Alentejo breed. He lives on the farm on which he was born way back in 1992. Despite his age, he stays active and often plays with his family’s four cats, and he loves to eat too. He usually eats the same food as his dog parents. However, they soak it in water to remove any seasoning first. 

His family put his longevity down to the peaceful countryside environment in which he’s spent his life, always surrounded by nature. 

A “One of a Kind” Pup

Dog dad Leonel Costa describes the pup as “one of a kind”, and still harbors hope of him fathering puppies, as he comes from a long line of canines. 

Bobi has been a warrior for all these years, only he knows how he’s been holding on, it must not be easy because the average dog’s life span is not that high and if he spoke only he could explain this success,” he said. “We are very happy and grateful to life for allowing us, after 30 years, to have Bobi in our daily lives.”

Bobi remains in good health, too. While he did have a health scare in 2018, he was able to overcome it, and other than eyesight and mobility issues relating to his age, he’s doing well. 

“Immense Joy” at Longevity of Farm Dog

Leonel described “immense joy” at his dog’s longevity being recognized by the Guinness World Records yesterday (Feb. 1), which only a couple of months ago crowned Spike, from Ohio, the world’s oldest living dog. 

In 1992, Bobi was registered with the Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leira. They confirmed his date of birth. Meanwhile, SIAC, a pet database authorized by the government, verified it too. 

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