If you own a dog, you know how affectionate they are. Whenever we are with our dogs, we laugh out loud and are happy. Whether it’s the dog in our own backyard, a funny picture we see on social media, or a funny video, they never cease to make us smile. As a matter of fact, canines all have a sense of humor. Whether it’s a terrible date or a challenging day at work, your dog will listen to you. No matter what we tell our dogs, the information will always remain confidential.

You can tell your dog is a better person than most people if you watch him throughout the day. Similarly, in today’s story, the OP is someone who doesn’t like dogs. After finding out that the partner had a senior dog, the OP decided to set all those feelings aside. OP has a cat, and they agreed that they wouldn’t get any pets after their pets passed away. After the elderly dog dies, the partner decides to get a new puppy without telling the OP. After the dog ripped up the stuffed care bear, the OP threw it away, and the partner didn’t think much of it.


Person Gets Rid Of Partner’s Dog Because It Tore Their Stuffed Care Bear Toy To Shreds

Keep on scrolling down to read the full story and see what the other Redditors had to say about it and we will see you at the end of the article.

1. Is he the A-hole? Keep on scrolling down to find out.

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2. So they agreed that they won’t get more pets

3. Well at least OP’s partner tried their best to train the dog


4. Do you guys think OP did the right thing? let us know down below in the comments


5. This Redditor thinks that they should have ended the relationship instead of giving away the dog

6. Are they both just immature?

7. Do you guys also think that OP and their partner both are incompatible?

8. Yeah dating is probably not a good idea for OP

9. Well true two weeks isn’t enough to train a dog it takes time

10. They really should rethink their living arrangement

11. Should they just break up?

12. Yeah they should just try communicating more

13. Well yes both of them don’t sound like a good pet parent


14. Yeah they really just disrespected the boundaries instead of just communicating like grown-ups


15. Both of them are terrible at conflict resolution for real


16. Exactly you just communicate

17. Well can’t they just talk it through?

18. Exactly two weeks are nothing training a dog could take months

19. OP was lied to and taken advantage of and then OP responded to it by breaking their partner’s trust

20. Yeah original agreement said “you can’t get new pets” was the start of a really bad relationship

21. Yeah you can’t just give away someone else’s dog

22. This Redditor thinks that OP’s feelings of guilt were a red flag

23. That is your ex-partner now

24. Well yes it is hard to believe that OP found someone to take the dog in the spur of the moment

This was it, folks. we think that both of them were A-holes the whole agreement about not getting the new pets was a wrong move and a start to a bad relationship. Let us know what you think about it down below in the comment section and make sure to like and share this article with your friends and family and stay tuned for more content like this with Defused. Thank You!

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