And adoptions of cats? We became aware of how many there had been this year as we were creating this collection. We hardly had a choice. Nevertheless, despite the challenges, we have collected the sweetest and most touching cat adoption tales of 2022 for you guys right here because we sincerely want to conclude this year on the most pawsitive note. It’s time to get to know the year’s newest faces!

As always, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who adopted this year. We hope you and your new cat have a long and prosperous life together. Happy holidays to all of you, and we hope to witness even more adoption success stories in 2023.



1. “Good friend recently got a new dog…”

“Good friend recently got a new dog who had been terrorizing their 12+ year old senior cat to the point of bad depression. Asked if I would take him in so he could be happy again. I’ve never had a cat but said yes to help. Turns out he’s a cool dude and seems to be very happy and comfortable here”

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2. “So i found out gf is cheating on me…”

“So i found out gf is cheating on me, dumped her, and took a long walk in the cold night, this kitten ran up to me, and walked with me to my home, i took her inside and im keeping her. Meet Fate”

3. “My boyfriend passed away two months ago. This is his beautiful kitty, Chloe. she’s forever mine now. I’ll always take care of her.”

4. “My neighbor moved and left their cat. I saw her and decided to feed her, she wouldn’t stop meowing and following me. She’s so cute and sweet. Sooo my cat now-“

5. “My neighbours left town…”

“My neighbours left town permanently and forgot their cat… I guess I own a cat now? They always said she had a pedigree but seeing as I hated them, can anyone give me any clues as to what breeds to look at? I want to read up on the breed to become a better owner…”

6. “Finally achieved my dream of adopting an old shelter cat:’)”

7. “My recently rescued kitten, Maitie.”

8 “Guys I got a cat”

9 “Adopted a fat indoor cat. Need weight loss advice.”

10 “just adopted my first cat. Best $50 I’ve ever spent.”

11. “Adopted this old girl a month ago. I will never have to pick out socks ever again. I wake up to dozens of them on my head in the morning. Every. Day.”

12. “I got adopted by a cat, what to do now? She’s asking for nonstop petting.”

13. “My BIL went to adopt a cat. He came home with two cats because the shelter said they’re a “bonded pair””

14. “My fiancé and I adopted a senior cat. Everyone, meet Doug!”

15. “Went to the shelter to look at a cat… came home with these two little rascals”

16. “We always stop to show street kitties some love…”

“We always stop to show street kitties some love & attention but THIS one would not let us go. She followed us for 10 blocks back to our boat, we carried her back to where we found her. She followed us again & meowed the saddest little mews when we tried to say goodbye. So, we have a new kitty.”

17. “My wife brought a kitten without telling me, I guess I’ll keep her”

18. “My local hardware store adopted some cats they found outside to help customers”

19. “I adopted him 2 days ago”

20. “I adopted this sweet girl yesterday”

21. “I volunteer with a rescue. This is Fish. He has flat chested kitten syndrome and wears a brace to give his body a chance to grow normally. My kids don’t know it – but we’re adopting Fish.”

22. “My girlfriend adopted the kitten that I found under my Jeep. I think she’s happy to be inside”

23. “This is Ron. My girlfriend rescued him from a group of kids beating him up in the street 10 years ago. He’s like my adopted son.”

24. “My wife and I adopted a former feral who “chose people” instead of going back to her cat gang. Meet Trish the people-liker!”

25. “My fiancé and I adopted this sweet 15 year old ..”

“My fiancé and I adopted this sweet 15-year-old lady yesterday. We went to the store to get dog food but came home with her. I couldn’t leave the store knowing that she’d be in a cage only to hopefully get adopted by someone else eventually.”

26. “After a year of feeding, spoiling and small cautious head pats, she has finally adopted me. Help me name this sweet thing”

27 “This Cecil…”

“This Cecil. I adopted him through the Starbucks drive thru. The customer showed me a passenger seat full of kittens and said “do you want a kitten?” And I said “absolutely I do”. I took the kitten, put him in my apron pocket, and asked to go home early. Cecil is now six.”

28. “Since adopting this sweet boy 2 weeks ago, our lives have been exponentially better”

29. “2 years ago I adopted this lady. Keep surprising me every day.”

30. “I knew adopting a kitten would be kinda cute, but I had no idea what I was in for”

31. “Remember “Airplane ears”? His name is Zorba, he has behavioral issues due to abandonment and bad shelter experience, I adopted him. He’s coming home today.”

32. “Couldn’t decide which to adopt, so I kept the family together & adopted all 3”

33. “My black kitten I adopted last week looks like she has “white eyeliner” on her eyes”

34. “Adopted the cutest stray I’ve ever met. My bf named her Edith (aka Edee)”

35. “Adopted little miss Freya last weekend. 1.3 lbs of love”

36. “Just adopted this little guy, he’s got battle damage from his time on Brooklyn streets.”

37. “My newly adopted kitten only lies like this on me at night. It melts my heart”

38. “Adopting twin girls was the best thing we’ve done in a long time”

39. “We adopted three cats: one is chill and friendly, one is shy, and then there’s this one…”

40. “I adopted a kitten with three legs and lol.”

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