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Miles Teller is a household name thanks to his costarring role opposite Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick.” Now his dog, Bugsy, is about to become one, too, thanks to a new Super Bowl commercial.

Miles Teller Makes Super Bowl Ad Debut With Dog

Bugsy appears alongside his celebrity dog dad in a Bud Light commercial titled, “Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy.” When the beer brand approached the Hollywood star and his wife, Keleigh, about making the ad, Teller jokingly asked, “Who’s playing the husband?”

The couple signed off on the pitch, but with one condition: they wanted to bring their 6-year-old French Bulldog to the shoot. “She needs her own trailer,” Teller told the bigwigs at Bud Light, according to Today.

Bugsy isn’t that demanding, of course, though Teller did report that the pup was “stubborn,” but ultimately “very good.” (Sounds like the typical artistic temperament if you ask us.)

“They’re trying to give me directions to get Bugsy (to do things) and I was like, this is not ‘Air Bud.’ This is not ‘Lassie,’” Teller told Today of Bugsy’s debut acting experience. “She’s a domesticated house dog.”

Because she’s “very food motivated,” Bugsy was amenable to doing as she was told…as long as there were treats involved. Armed with snacks, “I could get her to do whatever I wanted,” Teller said.

The commercial was shot on a set designed to look like the couple’s home, and the plot involves them jamming out while waiting on hold. Bugsy busted a few moves with his parents, too.

“By the end of it … she was like Marlon Brando and I was Spielberg or something,” Teller said.

Win-Win Situation

Teller, a Pennsylvania native, is rooting for the Eagles when the Super Bowl takes place on Feb. 12. The fact that Budweiser is going to award beer to the city of the victorious team makes watching the big game even more exciting.

In Teller’s perspective, though, being asked to do a Super Bowl commercial is an honor in its own right.

“I think anytime you’re talking about (starring in) a Super Bowl commercial, it’s really flattering,” he said. “Personally, it’s just such a big moment. It kind of means that you’ve arrived a little bit.”

That big moment was made even more special by the inclusion of his wife and their fur baby. “It’ll be a moment in time that we can show our future kids,” he said. And future pets!

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