You all deserve a round of applause for finishing the week strong. Happy Friday! Although challenging, we made it and happy TGIF. To ensure that the entire weekend gets off to a good start, we just need to start this day off right. Fortunately, it’s time to get to know the newest faces of the week!

On ICanHas, every Friday morning begins the same way: with a new, wholesome, and inspiring selection of the week’s top cat adoption tales. Because nothing makes a day start better than seeing a sweet group of cats find their everlasting homes. We want to thank everyone who adopted this week, as we do each and every week. And a special thank you to all of you who took in the gorgeous cats with behavioral or health issues, geriatric cats in stunning condition, rehomed cats, etc. who were deemed to be “less than purrfect.” You guys are their all-time heroes, which also implies that you’re all-time heroes for us. Everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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