There is no doubt that dogs provide unconditional love to their owners. If you own a dog, you’ll always have a wagging tail or purring companion waiting for you at home. When a beloved dog passes away, it can be a very heartbreaking time in an owner’s life. No amount of preparation can truly prepare you for losing an animal you love, whether it happens suddenly or over time. As a result, we must remember our dogs in the best way possible after they have passed away, and fortunately, there are many unique ways to do so. Handmade knits, engraved jewelry, or even burying and planting a tree on their graves are all options.

The Redditor u/MadisonMarie123 lost her beloved childhood dog recently. Despite the fact that Lilly the dog live out her lifespan, the owner still found it heartbreaking when she passed away. According to the Redditor, she wanted to bury her beloved dog and plant a tree at the gravesite. After the owner’s mother’s family demanded that she cremate the dog in accordance with her dying wishes, it turned into a more distressing situation.

Scroll down to read the full story and find out what happened in detail OP shared this story on Reddit’s AITA community we have put together screenshots of the original post and some of the comments.


1. Is she an A-Hole? keep scrolling down to find out.

2. Losing a dog is never easy that too if you grew up with one

3. Why are some people like this?

4. Oh no another dog died in the family? 🙁

5. True it would be too upsetting for OP’s mom to put down another dog once the time came.

6. Do you guys think she did the right thing by doing what she wanted to do?

7. Is OP’s family overreacting?

8. Lily wasn’t OP’s mother’s dog it was OP’s dog, and yes this information needed to be clarified.

9.  True lol

10. Exactly Lily was OP’s dog so she gets to make the decisions, and it’s always good to know your wishes.

11. Exactly it’s not OP’s mom’s place to say anything or be upset about it

12. Indeed she did forget that it wasn’t her dog

13. Is OP’s mom the real A-hole?

14. OP’s mom got weird death wishes lol

15. Well yes it’s our first time hearing about dogs being cremated as well

16. Exactly OP’s mother does not get to claim the dog remains because it wasn’t her dog

17. This sounds horrifying for real

18. “You have done everything good with grace and love for your dog.” this says it all

19. Is OP’s mom an attention-seeking mother?

20. Top 10 questions science still can’t answer lol

21. Buying a car all by yourself at the age of 20 is a big deal we all are proud of OP

22. This Redditor is just like us he never heard about cremated animals

This was it, Folk, we don’t think that OP is an A-hole Lily was her dog and she did what she wanted to do, it wasn’t OP’s mom’s place to say anything. Let us know what you think about this down below in the comment section, and make sure to like and share this article with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more AITA stories. Thank You!

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