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Many dog owners find out through trial and error that, in some ways, having a dog is much like having a kid. There are always unexpected costs, new cool toys to buy, and a surprising number of household items that can injure your furry kid. Having a dog is expensive, bottom line.

For many, adopting a pet post-pandemic became financially unachievable. One Kansas animal shelter is trying to work around financial holdups. Helping Hands Humane Society is now offering ‘Name Your Price’ Adoptions. As opposed to a usual set fee, they’ll accept any contribution above $20.

‘Name Your Price’ Adoptions Are An Effort To Send Dogs Home

Helping Hands Humane Society experienced an unexpected wave of intakes come early March. This is common for many animal shelters. Why? Early spring months sadly bring owner surrenders. Puppies bought as holiday gifts are now getting big and becoming potentially destructive. Many of these once-cherished gifts end up with a stay at a local shelter. The shelter stated they have little to no room for new intakes. Shelter staff hope that reduced-fee adoptions will send many longtime residents to new families.

“If you come in and you see a dog that you’d like to take home, you just name your price and let the adoption counselors know,” Director of Philanthropy Grace Clinton said. “Our hope in having a creative special in this way is really to promote adoptions. We’re really, really imploring our community; if you’ve been considering adopting, please come in and adopt at this time.”

Helping Hands is located at 5720 SW 21st St, Topeka, KS 66604. You can view their adoptable pets here.

Helping Overwhelmed Shelters in Your Community

Of course, even with a reduced adoption fee, not everyone can make room for a new family pet. If you’re not willing to make a lifetime commitment but you can share your home, consider fostering. And don’t overlook your own community’s pets in need.

Although this Kansas shelter needs urgent help, many small shelters & rescues nationwide are certainly just as deserving. Moreover, if you can’t adopt from Helping Hands, consider fostering for, volunteering with, or donating to any shelter.

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