Dogs are such smart, caring and protective animals. They’re always looking out for their family members, especially the youngest ones.

And they’re great to have around the house during emergencies — in many cases family dogs have saved the day and avoided tragedy.

That was the case recently, after a pet dog saved a 1-year-old baby from a devastating house fire.

According to the Detroit Free Press, a fire broke out in a multi-family home in Detroit on February 21. A child in the lower unit had reportedly been playing with a lighter, igniting a mattress and sparking what grew into a destructive blaze.


Janet Kelley lived in the upstairs unit with her fiance, four children and their pet rescue dog Blue, a three-year-old Pitbull Lab mix. Janet and her fiance were out at the time of the fire along with their two oldest kids; the fiance’s brother was home with the children and dog.

“He was trying to rush and get the dog, the kids, and everybody out of the house,” Janet told the Detroit Free Press.

But the fire was growing fast and the home was filling with smoke — and worst of all, Janet’s one-year-old daughter was stuck in her playpen.

Thankfully, she had someone looking after her: loyal dog Blue reportedly refused to leave the baby’s side. When firefighters showed up, the baby was still stuck in her playpen, and Blue saved the day by leading them to her location.

The fire destroyed the two-unit home and has left Janet and her family in a difficult place. They were left living out of their minivan, and started a GoFundMe campaign to help them get back on their feet.

“Our entire life has been turned upside down,” the fundraising page reads. “My girls lost everything from clothes to toys to food.” According to the Detroit Free Press, donations have helped the family move into a motel for the time being.

While losing a home like this is always devastating, the family can count their blessings: everyone made it out safe and sound.

And the family has their loyal dog Blue to thank for saving the baby’s life.

“(Blue) is very protective over all of us,” Janet told the Detroit Free Press.

You’re a hero, Blue! Thank you for loyally protecting this baby and saving her life!

Please share this incredible news as a reminder of how loyal and protective dogs can be.

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