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English Setter Bisbee might not be the world’s oldest dog, or the longest dog, but this three-year-old pup holds the Guinness World Record for the longest tongue on a living dog.

A dog’s tongue is measured from the tip of their snout. So, to be in with a chance of smashing the record, they need to have their tongue as far out of their snout as it will go. Then, a qualified veterinarian needs to measure from the snout to the tip. And Bisbee’s measures 3.74 inches – longer than a popsicle stick, AZFamily reports.

A Surprisingly Long Tongue

Owners Jay and Ericka Johnson first crossed paths with Bisbee when he was a puppy, being auctioned off for charity. “When we saw him, we fell in love with him,” Jay explained. “So, he went home with us that night.”

But soon, the couple noticed that Bisbee’s tongue was longer than they expected. “He just looked really disproportionate,” said Ericka.

“When he’s exercising, his tongue comes out quite aways, and my wife said that’s excessively long,” said Jay.

Guinness World Record Holder

They realized that his tongue was long when he was panting, and Ericka sent a picture of the pup to her family. A relative suggested that his tongue could be a world record, so they got in touch with Guinness World Records. They’re proud of his record, and say it’s quite a comical one to hold.

“We feel we’re lucky to get him, and he was lucky to get us,” said Jay.

However, Bisbee doesn’t have the longest tongue ever seen on a dog. The previous holder of the record for the longest tongue on a living dog was Mochi, a St. Bernard from Sioux Falls in South Dakota. The dog’s tongue was a huge 7.31 inches long – almost twice as long as Bisbee’s!

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