Some dogs are found in truly horrific conditions, but thankfully there are kind people in the world willing to do whatever it takes to get them better.

That was the case this week, as one rescue has been hard at work caring for a dog who was found cemented to the sidewalk.

The story comes from Tri-County Humane in Boca Raton, Florida. On January 23, they reported about a dog, believed to be a 10-year-old Pekingese mix, who had been found “completely stuck to the sidewalk” in terrible condition.

“The smell was unbearable. There was no way a dog could have ended up like this over night,” they wrote on Facebook. “How long was it going on? How long does he have? Did he get to us in time?”

“It took them, they say, about an hour to pick him up off the sidewalk,” said veterinarian Dr. Julia Sheehantold WPBF. “He was stuck.”

Shocked by the apparent neglect and abuse this poor dog had faced, they knew they were meant to save him. Recognizing the dog’s resilient spirit, they named him Trooper.

They had their work cut out for them: in addition to finding maggots in his fur, overgrown nails and dental decay, they diagnosed 22 medical conditions, including paralysis, heart murmurs and corneal ulcers.

Faced with a high cost for his medical treatments, they reached out to their followers for a fundraiser. As of this writing, 472 people have donated over $18,000 on Facebook.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Trooper began the road to recovery. In a follow-up post, the rescue shared a photo of Trooper with a big smile on his face, a far cry from how they first found him.

“Look who is starting to smile after all of your support!” Tri-County Humane wrote. “Thank you to everyone who has donated, emailed, sent positive thoughts and gave love to Trooper so far! His first smile is because of all of you!”

Things are looking good for Trooper. Dr. Sheehan told WPBF that the dog’s prognosis was “excellent.” In an Instagram video, the rescue said he was “getting stronger everyday.”

It isn’t known who Trooper belonged to before or how he ended up in such a shocking state, but it’s clear that he’s finally getting the love he deserves and is on the road to recovery.

Please share this good news and wish this sweet dog a great recovery!

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