Bobby Flay Surprises Girlfriend With Pomeranian Puppy

Photo Credit: Denise Truscello / Getty Images for Keep Memory Alive

Here at Tips Pet Care, we don’t endorse giving dogs as gifts unless you’re sure the recipient can care for them, but in the case of celebrity chef Bobby Flay gifting a Pomeranian puppy to his girlfriend, Christina Pérez, we wholeheartedly approve.

Bobby Flay Gives Girlfriend Pomeranian Puppy

Pérez, a writer, shared the canine surprise on her Instagram account.

“Ecstatic to introduce the newest member of the family, Allspice Flay Pérez!” she captioned a selfie with the adorable fur baby. “He’s just a couple months old and weighs just a couple of pounds, but man, is he a charmer!”

Apparently, the puppy was a gift from 58-year-old Flay to celebrate Pérez’s 42nd birthday in January.

“Bobby picked him out and surprised me with him for my birthday. He also came up with the name Allspice. I think he did a stellar job on all accounts,” she shared. “Welcome home Allspice!”

One Big “Zoo” Family

This isn’t Pérez’s first Pomeranian. Her previous pup, Bjorn, died last May at age 15. In a heartfelt tribute to the dog, Pérez posted a slew of pics of her furry “best friend and forever sidekick.”

“Saying goodbye to him has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done … but I wouldn’t trade it for any of the smiles, laughs, cuddles, and love this little angel gave to me over the last 15 years,” she captioned images of the fluffer.

Bjorn accompanied his dog mom “nearly everywhere,” and became an “epic traveler, always approaching each new situation with total enthusiasm, patience, playfulness, independence, and grace.”

“His personality was truly infectious—I used to call him the Mayor of Brooklyn because everyone he passed on the street would stop to smile and wave,” Pérez wrote.

Allspice joins Pérez’s and Flay’s “lovely ‘Zoo’ family,” which also includes Nacho and Stella, Flay’s cats.

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