It’s been almost one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. While it’s been a very difficult time for the people and animals of the European country, there have been a number of heartwarming stories coming out concerning dogs there. From the therapy Pit Bull working with traumatized children to the elderly Ukrainian woman reuniting with her dog a month after her village was attacked, there have been some positives.

Fundraising and Adopting Pups

And now, we can add Ashley Swartzenteruber to that list. From the city of Montgomery in Alabama, Ashley has spent her life training service dogs and showing dogs. Through the dog showing industry, she got into contact with a breeder in Ukraine who needed help, WSFA reports. 

Maria Kravtsova needed to stay in the city of Odessa with her family, who are fighting for their country. She couldn’t leave her dogs. However, Ashley and her contacts in the dog showing industry are raising money to send to Maria to help care for her canines. 

Not only that, but Ashley has actually adopted two of Maria’s French Bulldogs, Egor and Lottie. “I think that they went through some stress before they came to me because it’s very loud with downing missiles and drones and things they’ve experienced,” she said. Some of Maria’s older dogs showed signs of stress, with three sadly dying. 

Helping Dogs in Ukraine

If you’d be interested in adopting a dog from Maria, you can email [email protected]. Or, to donate, you can do so via PayPal to [email protected]

Meanwhile, there are other ways to help dogs in Ukraine. The Kyiv Animal Rescue Group is looking for donations, as is the Viva! Rescue Center. Transform a Street Dog has been working on the ground in the country since 2018 too, rescuing homeless animals and supporting independent rescuers. 

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