It is no hidden truth that cats are the most adorable creatures in the world, everyone knows about it and everyone openly embraces it. Except for some people who say they will never fall in love with a cat. I only have one thing to say for those people, just wait till a cat chooses you, and the love will automatically happen. This is the truth, it’s the cat that adopts the human because if it wasn’t the cat’s will to “get adopted”, it wouldn’t have stayed at its owner’s house for a minute. So the process is the other way around when it comes to cats.

Cats are super well known for having a personality mix that contains traits that range from fierceness and aggression all the way to undying affection and unconditional love. In a single day, you are bound to witness your cat going through over a hundred mood swings backed by these diverse emotions and personality traits.

The thing about cats is that whatever they do, no one does it better than them. And this includes them being super lovely, friendly, and romantic. At times you have to wait a very long time for this to happen but when it does, you just want to immerse yourself at that moment and never want it to end. Today, we are going to explore this aspect of cats in a bit more detail. Usually, we always have a laugh at cats being derps, cats getting mad, and cats being funny, but today we will be looking into the softer side of things. Now you may think, cats barely like showcasing that side and it only happens rarely, so how will we be evaluating this factor? Well, the code has been cracked.

Here’s the secret, a cat is the loveliest when it is around another cat. Yes, their stomachs start churning and their emotions start to pop as they feel nothing but happiness and excitement when they are around another cat. And if they develop an interest in each other, well then you may never see that fierce side of your cat again, unless, of course, you mess with its love interest. Cats are meant to exist in pairs. Every cat owner who has one cat, if you want to witness the true love potential of your feline, just adopt another cat.

People of the world who have two cats instead of one are the luckiest people in the world because of the wholesome, gorgeous, and adorable moments they get to witness every day. I know, you guys cannot resist looking at pictures of cats loving each other to the fullest, and I cannot wait to show the proof to you guys either.

Time to stop talking and enjoy the most wholesome images of cats loving each other that prove they should always exist in pairs.

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