A cat has a gorgeous personality. It is filled with so many different characteristics, behavioral traits, and attitudes that result in cats being called the most adoptable animals ever. One of their biggest strength is that they are highly confident in themselves. You will never see a drop of regret on a cat’s face, or guilt or anything because whatever it does, it does it with its own will.

A cat’s personality, as mentioned above, can change very quickly. One time it may be a little baby up for snuggles all day long, one time it may care for you like it loves no one else more than it loves you, one time it may make you laugh with the dumbest, derpiest things possible, and then there’s this other side that involves fierceness, anger, and protests. This side of things your cat may showcase by breaking your expensive decoration piece, by scratching your face for delaying its food for 2 minutes, or by not talking to you at all because why not.

Surprisingly when you ask cat owners what is the best thing they like about their cat, the majority will say they like the fierce side of things. It provides them with a kick and a sense of excitement. According to them this personality trait differentiates cats, as pets, from all other animals and makes them unique. They are not wrong, though. Cats really like to showcase themselves through their own traits and without copying anyone else. And while doing this showcase, even if they are in a fierce mood, they at times end up creating some funny moments. And that is because they in their mind think they are being very cool or right about something but in reality they are just being derps and hilarious.

Today we will explore this aspect of cats a bit more in detail. And we will do so by looking at some funny pictures of cats being derps regardless of what mood they are in.

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