Pet posts bring happiness to people all around the world.

Different people are living all around the world but one thing that is common in all of us is that we have a love for pets. No one hates pets. Pets are so adorable that it is hard to hate them. You cannot even ignore them. The most common pets are cats and dogs. This is why people all around the world are making memes about them.

These posts are hilarious and have been a source of happiness for so many people. Today, we have collected 21 hilarious dog and cat posts that would bring a smile to your face. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1. List of the names that were considered suitable for dogs in the early 15th century:


2. My kids when I cook food that they do not like:


3. That moment when you have completed the document and your kitty steps on your keyboard and the file is deleted:


4. Little do you know:


5. Nice cat of the week and the naughty cat of the week:


Colonel needs to fix his behavior.

6. What’s considered sluttier and hotter:


7. A dark MAGA:


8. Three-year-old has been giving performances reviews to a cat:


9. These reviews are on point:


10. Cat: I demand justice, your honor.


Cats are very dramatic. You may feed them and they would always say that my hooman does not feed me. They would even steal the dog’s food. Dogs are handsome and good boys. They are born to be celebrities and love attention. They can be friends with cats too. Scroll down for more hilarious posts.

11. Dogs were born to be celebrities.


12. Your kitty knows when to use this iconic excuse:


13. The reason why the cat was limping:


Poor catto.

14. No one’s gonna know. How would they know? How would they know?


This is so funny. He is trying his best to look like the ducks. Well, we have to accept, we didn’t suspect anything.

15. Get a cat and you are good to go. No need to get grandkids.


16. Poor chihuahuas and the trembling.


Chihuahuas are more prone to cold and this is why they tremble more. They need to be kept in warm places. Some of them may have a health condition that causes them to tremble. Do not forget to get them checked by the vet.

17. Cat: I am your baby now. Treat me like a baby. You have adopted me.


18. Cats have weird obsessions.


Mine collects bras.

19. Normalize talking to your cat before leaving the house.


20. Do not forget to brush your pets.


We hope you enjoyed these posts. Let us know in the comment section down below which of these dog and cat posts did you like the most.

Here is an adorable cat tax for you:

Via: u/MazzyXY

“Mazzy posing. He’s a boy cat with a vagina.”

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