It is comforting for humans to have pets. Taking care of a small furry critter, especially when they show us how much they love us, fulfills our maternal/paternal instincts. The love your cat displays is both subtle and wholesome, as you rarely see any signs of gratitude from your feline. Cats often show affection by kneading their tummies or flicking their tails. It is possible for cats to show you their affection even when they stare at you from the highest shelf in the room with unblinking eyes. Whether they’re watching your back or plotting an aerial attack, they’re either watching out for you. We love cats because they keep us on our toes and that’s the thing about them.

We have gathered 20+ wholesome feline memes for cat lovers down below keep on scrolling down to see all of them and we will see you at the end of the article.


1. Cat-fry lmao

2. This cat is doing this on purpose

3. Where did her tail go though?

4. We would love to get attacked by this black panther

5. The pillow on the top right got all of us

6. How can someone say no to this?

7. The perfect air mattress

8. They be like: huh where is this cold air coming from?

9. Game of thrones if they had cats

10. This cat loves her new taco truck

11. Cat garden now lol

12. This cat is living life for real

13. We wonder what’s going on in her head

14. Do They wanna get washed or something?

15. Not a stray cat anymore

16. This cat has a better room than most of us

17. Cats hide in the weirdest places

18. Hey! human why would you take a picture of this hole?

19. This has to be the cutest cat bed we have ever seen

20. When you finally take a shower in winter after 3 weeks lol

21. This cat sleeps with a rock on her

This was it, folks, these were 20+ wholesome feline cat memes for cat lovers, let us know what you think about it down below in the comment section, and make sure to like and share this article with your friends and family and stay tuned for more content like this with Defused. Thank You!

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